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There are five freedoms:
The freedom to see and hear what is;
The freedom to say what you feel and think;
The freedom to ask for what you want; 
The freedom to take risks on your own behalf
- Virginia Satir

Native Drums


A non-judgmental, strength’s based and culturally safe therapeutic approach.

  • Complex trauma

  • Abuse

  • Self esteem

  • Identity issues

  • Stress

  • Grief and loss

  • PTSD/Trauma

  • Relationships

  • Childhood issues

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Quiet Desk


  • Lived expertise on homelessness, violence, abuse and resiliency

  • Trauma informed and anti-oppressive practices

  • Strength based practices that revolve around the individuals we serve

  • Providing indigenous worldviews in child welfare

  • Creating safe spaces for Indigenous people

  • Rattle making, drum making and other cultural workshops

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Fees and Funding

I am a mental health service provider for First Nations Health Authority, Health Benefits Program. You may be eligible for funding through one of the following 3 funding streams, short term crisis intervention, Indian residential School Resolution (open to former students and their families), and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls. 


You may be covered through Employee Assistance Program but often only covers a few sessions. You can check with your employer or health care provider.


You may be eligible under the crime victim assistance program if you were a victim of a crime. 


I am willing to meet with you in person and or over zoom to see if we are a good fit and if so I can provide the paperwork and walk you through the application.


I am available to meet wherever you are comfortable. In an office setting, over the phone and or through online services. 


The sessions are 60 minutes in length. 


Sliding scale based on each case:

  • $150.00 per hour.

  • $200.00 for 90 minutes

  • Payment is payable through cheque, e-transfer or cash.

  • If you are unable to make an appointment, 24 hours’ cancellation is required and or you will be charged for that session.

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Living in the Solution

"Over the years I have come to know Maura Gowans in both professional and personal capacities. Professionally, she is guided by ethical principles and values and a sound moral compass. Her vast life experience informs her holistic approach to trauma-informed practice. Maura’s willingness to engage in self-reflexive work continues to provide insights that enable both personal and professional growth. Kindness, coupled with healthy professional boundaries, situate Maura as a valuable therapist in her field. In her personal life, her commitment to service work within her communities, whether as a soccer mom or distributing food and supplies to marginalized peoples, is conducted in a humble and kind manner. She embodies the principles she lives by and is a wonderful example to others of living in the solution." Dr. Laura Cooper

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