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About Me


The passion behind my work is my commitment to restoring families, working towards diminishing barriers for vulnerable people and creating safe space for healing. I am passionate about keeping families together, preventative approaches, and bringing all aspects of self into one’s self through medicine wheel teachings of emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical.

The support I can offer is one of empathy and compassion. I have my own lived expertise, combined with 20 years of working in advocacy, activism, trauma-informed care, and supporting individuals, children, and families.

My expertise is in trauma informed care, supporting others to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. Dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, mental wellness, post-traumatic stress disorder and indigenous focused therapy.

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I am a registered social worker in good standing with the BC College of Social Work and the BC Association of Social Work. My Registration number is 12924


My focus is to end violence, abuse, systemic racism, and to offer healing to Indigenous people on their journey of past, present and future. Much of my work has included counseling children and women through my roles as a Children Who Witnesses Abuse Facilitator and a Stopping the Violence Counselor. I have facilitated many groups in relation to overcoming trauma and resiliency through adversity. 


  • Bachelor of Social Work - Nicola Valley Institute of Technology in partnership with Thompson Rivers University

  • Masters of Social Work - University of Victoria. 

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"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."
- Maya Angelou

"Maura is the most grounded and supportive person I know. She is kind and compassionate and has touched of many people with her loving and gentle nature." Pam Young

"Maura Gowans is a friend and long time colleague of whom I am always deeply honoured to be in her warm presence.   She can draw out strength and peace from sorrow. Her compassion and wisdom are beyond her years and a true gift in our world" 

Dr. Charissa Patricelli 

"Anytime I’ve ever reached out to Maura she’s been there in every way. I look at her as a mentor, friend, someone who I would love to follow in her steps" Tamara Whitebear


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